MCN Enlists Help from E-Waste Recycling Company

Electronic waste (e-waste) is one of the world’s fastest growing waste products category today. Electronic products such as computers, cell phones and refrigerators vastly contribute to e-waste at the end of their lives. As technology advances we find ourselves upgrading regularly, with the average life span of many electronic devices lasting less than five years.

E-waste items are made up of many different materials that often contain toxic substances such as lead, mercury, nickel, barium, hexavalent chromium and many more. Once in a landfill, these toxic materials soak into the environment, contaminating the land, water and air.

In New Zealand, most expired electronic items are being dumped into landfills. It is estimated that 300 to 400 million items of electronic waste are being dumped in New Zealand each year, or worse still, are being disposed of around the countyside due to expensive dumping costs.

Thankfully, many individuals are recognizing the importance of recycling e-waste. Here at MCN, we are eager to do our part to help decrease the amount of electronic pollution. We have recently enlisted the help of a Wellington based organisation called Recycling for Charity. Their aim is to decrease the amount of e-waste we produce and give back to the community at the same time.

Many components from electronic devices are of value and can be recycled to make new products. At Recycling for Charity a percentage of the profit made by recycling computers goes to a charity of your choice. The more computers that Recycling for Charity receives the more money they can give to your chosen charity.

The following items can be recycled and are sought after by Recycling for Charity. They accept both working and non-functional items.

  • PCs / Laptops, Apple – iMacs, MacBooks and Macintoshes etc.

  • Tablets, iPads

  • Servers, Server Infrastructure

  • Switches, Routers/Modems

  • Keyboards, Mice

  • LCD Screens

  • UPSs

  • Printers, Ink/Photocopier Cartridges

  • Cell Phones

  • Computer Cables

  • Motherboards, CPUs, HDDs, PSUs, Video Cards, Memory/RAM

  • Playstation, Xbox, Nintendo

If you have any old devices cluttering up your home or business that you’re not sure what to do with, bring them down to MCN and we can donate your items to Recycling for Charity free of charge.