The GravityLight Lamp: clever innovation for the best cause

GravityLight is a non-profit product development organisation that has developed a lamp which relies solely on gravity to make it work. The GravityLight lamp doesn’t require solar power, electricity or batteries, making the lamp completely safe and reusable.

The team of designers set out to make a light that can replace the use of dangerous and polluting kerosene lamps used in areas of Africa that are not connected to the power grid.

The GravityLight works on a pulley system that has a 12kg bag attached the end, when the bag is filled with dirt, stones or sand it works as a weight. The bag is pulled to the top using a bead cord, on release the bag falls slowly to the ground. The beaded cord passes slowly through a connected train which generates the power for the LED light. Once the weighted bag has reached the ground, it can be lifted back up and used again. The lifted weight creates enough light for 25 minutes whenever required.

The GravityLight will cost villagers less than $10 to buy and will require no running costs; in just a few months it would pay for itself and save people from the increasing costs and dangers of kerosene.

GravityLight lamps will soon be available to the public, if you would like to keep up to date with this project and find out how you can help click the following link.