What You Can Expect

When you use our service you can expect:


  • That we will listen to you and understand your IT problem or needs

  • Proactive and cost-effective strategic IT planning

  • Customised solutions that suit your needs

  • That we will use language you can understand

  • Reliable ongoing support and after-sales care

  • Specialised helpdesk support just a phone call away



How We Fulfil These Expectations

We strive to fulfil these expectations in every instance because we work with the following values in mind:


  • Communication: Give clear, concise and consistent communication to our clients

  • Respect: Relate to our clients in a language they can understand

  • Integrity: Operate with integrity in all that we do

  • Customised: Provide guaranteed and customised solutions utilising the latest technology

  • People: Provide our staff wtih an enjoyable work environment where they feel empowered and rewarded

  • Community: Support and encourage organisations that benefit the community

  • Environment: Be responsible for the quality of our services and their impact ont he environment









Our Values